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BANDING REPORT: 102008-102408

   This week Meadowlands Commission naturaliImg_7726_3sts banded 295 birds in North Arlington, including 27 Ruby-crowned Kinglets and 107 Savannah Sparrowsa threatened species in New Jersey and a bird we at the Meadowlands Commission are especially interested in.

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BIRD BANDING Week of 0915-091908

 NJMC naturalists are conducting a study to see what kinds of habitats should be created on the Meadowlands’ landfills to attract a greater diversitImg_7726_3y of migrating birds and to provide nesting habitat for threatened or endangered grasslands species, such as Savannah Sparrows and Grasshopper Sparrows.   

    As part of the study, Meadowlands Commission naturalists have been mist-netting birds on the Erie Landfill in North Arlington, banding them and recording their vital statistics, and then releasing them.

      We will post the bird data for the week here on Friday afternoons through early November whenever possible.

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