CARLSTADT: Bird of the day



Naturalist Don Smith spotted this Egyptian goose hanging out with some of its Canada brethren by Doctor’s Creek this morning.

   No one else on the boat believed Smith because they were in Denial.

   (Sorry about that.)

3 thoughts on “CARLSTADT: Bird of the day

  1. Tha Marcos

    Strange bird! The first time a I heard of this bird – Egyptian Groose – was this year in West Palm Beach when my husband saw them playing golf.. Great to have them in Jersey!

  2. Jim Wright

    Thanks for posting a comment. I’m not so sure it’s great to have them in New Jersey — I think someone raised several of them and released them. We shall see. :- )

  3. Herb Flavell

    Back in the late 1940s after the Texas natural gas pipeline went through the Hackensack meadows. Many strange things happened. One day my friend Eddie and I borrowed my fathers 37 Ford to ride the pipeline road from Paterson Plank road in East Rutherford to Little Ferry. We were riding the pipeline road and out from the reeds on the left jumps a big 8 point buck. Runs along the road in front of us and jumps into the reeds on the right side of the road. We sat and watched as it bounced through the reeds. Another time while checking our trap lines we found a dead alligator. That was maybe the start of the numerous dear there are now in Bergen county.As for the alligator, there were 2 found this year in the Susquehanna River in n.y. state.


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