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CONSERVATION: Tree swallow study

    Tree swallows are thriving in the Meadowlands once again, thanks to an innovative nesting box program.

  And the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission now has the data to prove it.

  With a huge boost from local scout troops, families and other groups, the Meadowlands Commission has erected some 250 nesting boxes in marshes throughout the 30.4-square-mile district.

    This year, with the help of Using_the_gps GPS devices, the Meadowlands Commission naturalists Mike Newhouse and Gabrielle Bennett-Meany are keeping track of tree-swallow activity in all of the nesting boxes.

   They found that more than 60 percent were occupied by nesting pairs, with 610 eggs laid and more than 480 nestlings  successfully fledged as of July 15.

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