Harbor Herons Project Update — Counters wanted!

NIght Heron 004
                                                  Photo by Marc Schrieks, NJMC, COPYRIGHT 2009

   if you are interested in helping New Jersey Audubon Society and the Meadowlands Commission do a survey of Great Egrets, Snowy Egrets and other "Harbor Herons" this summer in the Meadowlands, take note:

   NJAS is holding another four-hour seminar for prospective survey volunteers at DeKorte Park on Saturday, May 30.

   The first seminar, held last Monday, drew roughly 20 people and offered all sorts of information on survey techniques, bird-ID tips, and an overview of the Harbor Herons program.

   Click immediately below for more information from NJAS. 

Kate Ruskin of New Jersey Audubon writes:

    Citizen scientists are needed for heron surveys [and you can take a training session right here in the Meadowlands]!

     The New Jersey Audubon Society (NJAS) is recruiting volunteers for wading bird surveys coordinated through its Citizen Science program.

   The study, now in its second year, will run from May until October in the Hackensack Meadowlands,



, and surrounding watersheds.  

     Volunteers  are asked to commit to two surveys per month over the course of the study period and one pre-season training workshop.

    Citizen Science Associates will be required to visit their assigned sites to
determine avian abundance and distribution.  Volunteers will use standard
count methodology, and record habitat and behavioral observations when

    We're offering two more training sessions (about 10am-2pm): Saturday, May 9th at


State Park





., and  Saturday, May 30th at the NJ Meadowlands Commission in


   If you cannot commit two days per month for the duration of the survey but are still interested in participating, contact us with your availability and we'll do our best to work it out. 

   Additionally, if you cannot participate in this study but know of any particular sites in your area that you think should be included in this survey, please let us know.
    Please contact me here if you are interested in participating in this project or for more information.

   Looking forward to working with you!

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