Neat stories and video on the Meadowlands’ comeback


    Colleen Reynolds of The Leader Newspaper did an informative article on the wonders of the region's wetlands — with some photos by her Leader colleague Alexis Tarazzi.

   "It was high tide as our watercraft ventured along the Hackensack River, and we were treated to an avian show of splendor," she writes. "Ink-black double-crested cormorants perched regally atop wooden pilings, northern harriers swooped past and graceful snowy egrets waded at water’s edge. Tree swallows, a type of aerial feeder, were munching on midges while gliding through the air…."

   The link to story is here.

   The Star-Ledger did a solid video on the river's comeback, here.

   And Celeste Regal of The Observer did a fine story on the palliative powers of spending time on the river. Link is here.

   Link to post about the Meadowlands Commission's Pontoon Boat Eco-Cruises is here.

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