New Improved DeKorte Guide is Here!

            Cover for web                            DeKorte Park in Lyndhurst has it all: 3.5 miles of trails, great birding year-round, an environmental center, an observatory and a state-of-the-art science center.
   And now it has a new pamphlet with trail map to make this 110-acre park more accessible and enjoyable.

  To pick up your copy, just stop by the front desk at the Meadowlands Environment Center.

    New features include: Mileage for each major trail segment, so you can calculate how far you've walked.

   More-detailed names for the various tidal impoundments, so you locate rare birds more easily.

   The pamphlet has also been updated to include information on the William D. McDowell Observatory and the Center for Environmental and Scientic Education.

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