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Help Conservationists Count Bats in the Meadowlands

Little_brown_bats-1                                                                     Photo by Melissa Craddock

     Conservationists know a lot about the Meadowlands and its recovering environment, but one  of the missing pieces to the puzzle is an understanding of how many bats live in the Meadowlands, and where.
   Bats are key parts of New Jersey's eco-system, and they may be in peril because of something called "white-nose syndrome."  Download New Jersey Bat fact sheet.
   Each year, the state, in conjunction with the Conserve Wildlife Foundation, recruits citizen scientists to take bat surveys statewide, and this year is a great year to include the Meadowlands.
   Do you know where bats are roosting in the Meadowlands? If so, you can help by taking two bat surveys at dusk between now and mid-August.

   Download N.J. Summer Bat Count letter to volunteers 2009

  Download N.J. Summer bat count datasheet 2009.

  If you know of a bat roosting site but do not wish participate, e-mail us here. Likewise, if you wish to participate but do not know of a site, e-mail us, too. We’ll figure out something.


Al G. Bloom in DeKorte Park

  Next time you visit DeKorte Park, you may notice algae floating in the Kingsland Tidal Impoundment.  
   We asked Dr. Francisco Artigas, head of the Meadowlands Environmental Research Institute,  what was up with that,  and he said not to worry:

    "This is well known seasonal phenomena we experience in this particular basin in the Meadowlands."

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