Al G. Bloom in DeKorte Park

  Next time you visit DeKorte Park, you may notice algae floating in the Kingsland Tidal Impoundment.  
   We asked Dr. Francisco Artigas, head of the Meadowlands Environmental Research Institute,  what was up with that,  and he said not to worry:

    "This is well known seasonal phenomena we experience in this particular basin in the Meadowlands."

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   "It is the result of maybe too much nutrients coming in but these are naturally mesotrophic to heterotrophic systems (nutrient rich ) and are not expected to be oligotrophic (nutrient poor) such as an Alpine meadow in Switzerland,” Dr. Artigas continues. “We are, after all, in

New Jersey


    "In its early stages in the spring these growths provide shade and hiding places for fish and invertebrates and the water is clear. Once the algae growth completes its cycle it dies, sinks and starts decomposing.

   "If tidal flow is restricted at this time it may smell under the burning sun light and may create pockets of anoxia. Eventually however, all is reduced to organic matter rich in carbon, which moves around with the tides and is the fuel that powers all the beautiful transformation in the estuary.

   "If this affects you, then you should consider moving to Switzerland."

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