Daily Archives: August 27, 2009

Raptor Day


     This was a good day for raptor sightings, including a Peregrine Falcon on the Route 3 Bridge (see next week's Tuesday Teaser).

   We also saw a Northern Harrier over the Saw Mill Creek Wildlife Management Area  and eight Ospreys flying over the Richard P. Kane Natural Area by the Hackensack River in Carlstadt.

    The day was topped off by this Red-tailed Hawk, on a Sycamore branch by the far parking lot at DeKorte Park.

   We figure he was keeping an eye out for an unsuspecting squirrel.

  (Thanks to Adam L. for pointing it out!)

Egret Turf Wars


    Now that the DeKorte Shorebird Pool water levels have been lowered, we're getting lots of birds fishing and mud-rummaging in there.

   Yesterday, we saw these two Snowy Egrets with Mohawk-hairdos have a little spat over fishing grounds — just like nations like to do.