Daily Archives: August 21, 2009

Kevin Karlson Day: Final Update

        Eastern Willet, TX, April largeWe are all set for Saturday at 8:30a.m., rain or shine.  If it is raining hard at 8:30, Kevin may do his "Birding by Impression" seminar first. We will do the walk as the weather allows.

    We have reduced the tidal flow to the nearest impoundment in hopes of having some mudflats regardless of tide.

   Other notes:  

   Bring your own lunch.  

   Directions to DeKorte Park in Lyndhurst are here.

   A limited supply of Kevin's book, "The Shorebird Guide" will be on sale at Environment Center Gift show for $17.95.   (List price is $24.95.)

   Only if you absolutely need to call:  Jim Wright's cellphone is 201-785-6604.