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Skimmers, 5:45 p.m., DeKorte


    As we were leaving work today, we saw two Black Skimmers working DeKorte's Shorebird Pool.
   We  parked my car in time to catch them as they made their final pass.
    Also caught this Forster's Tern (right) going into a dive. The fishing must have been pretty good.


Today’s Birding-By-Boat Trip

   To celebrate our first anniversary of Third-Tuesday-of-the-Month bird walks, we had a birding-by-boat trip on the Hackensack River today, and did the birds show up to celebrate with us.
    A sampling: Eight Ospreys, a Peregrine Falcon, umpteen Black-crowned (below) and Yellow-crowned Night Herons, Forster's Terns, and plenty of yellowlegs and other sandpipers (bottom). Not to mention too many Diamondback Terrapins to count (right).  
    Bird and terrapin pix below were taken by R.T. Geoghan.   (Thanks, R.T.!) 
  Will post more pix and maybe a full list tomorrow.
   We are thinking of making this a monthly trip during the summer. E-mail us here if you like the idea.

  Lesser Yellowlegs_DSC_0341-1

No MDT Walk Today — plus Nifty Forster’s Tern Pics

   Because of a scheduling conflict, today's (Tuesday's noon) Marsh Discovery Trail walk in DeKorte Park is cancelled. The next noon walk is Thursday.
   Last Thursday we had a great (but brief) look at a Least Bittern flying, and an amazing Forster's Terns show. It all began with this perched Forster's Tern and a juvenile floating in the Shorebird Pool.
    The adult took off with the fish …


   Full sequence follows…

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