Daily Archives: July 30, 2010

Flyway Gallery: August

    Striking images of the Meadowlands’ marshes, sunsets, and flora and fauna captured by photographer Marco Lips will be on display at the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission’s Flyway Gallery through August.
   The exhibit, “Quintessential Meadowlands,” opens on Tuesday, July 6 and runs through Friday, Aug. 27. 

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Carlstadt Osprey Update: Part 1

  We checked in on the osprey nest in Carlstadt yesterday evening to find the family in fine fettle.

  In the photo above, four Ospreys are visible — although the nestling behind the red screening is admittedly hard to see.

   The nest has been registered with the New Jersey Osprey Project. It is officially Nest 042-B-001.

   Here is a link to a South Bergenite column on Ospreys this spring.

   On the "jump" is a  photo with an arrow pointing to each Osprey. Nos. 1 and 2 are the nestlings; 3 and 4 are the proud parents.

   No. 1 is hardest to see, hence the enlarged number.


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Butterfly Days

   The big Butterfly Day at DeKorte Park may be over, but there are still plenty of butterflies around. Please stop by and see for yourself. Best time is a sunny day between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.