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Today’s First-Sunday Walk


P1000502   We had another great turnout for our First-Sunday-of-the-Month Walk at DeKorte Park, with plenty of shorebirds and aprroximately 40 people.
   Highlights included a Peregrine Falcon early, Short- and Long-billed Dowitchers,  plenty of peeps and yellowlegs, Osprey, and many Forster's Terns and Barn Swallows. Some of us also had a Baltimore Oriole and by the Environment Center.
   A big thank-you to all who turned out — and braved the threatening skies to get a great look at Meadowlands nature…

August: Looking Ahead

To help you get a feel for what might be in store for the Meadowlnads for the upcoming month, we thought we would provide links to our top blog posts from August 2009:

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    August 20: Crabs DuJour

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      August 27: Egret Turf Wars

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Bird Report: DeKorte 073110

   Stephanie Seymour reports: I went to DeKorte from around 8 to 10:30 am this morning.
  No luck with Skimmers or my nemesis Least Bittern, but saw some great Forster's Tern action.
   I am almost sure I saw 2 Least Terns as well, but since I can't be 100% sure I decided against counting them on eBird.
   Also, there were easily like 300 or 400 or maybe even 500 little Least Sandpipers, but eBird makes a fuss if you report those numbers. So I decided to be WAY conservative and say 150.
   Saw a gorgeous male Baltimore Oriole, 2 Warbling Vireos, and a few Yellow Warblers all in the same area (take path from second back parking lot into a little tree oasis and that's where all these were).
   Full report follows.  (Thanks, Steph!)

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