Daily Archives: August 17, 2010

Lower Water Levels in DeKorte’s Shorebird Pool


We lowered the water levels in the Shorebird Pool at DeKorte Park this week in preparation for Kevin Karlson Day this Saturday. We are already  getting lots of peeps and yellowlegs — and Ospreys that like fishing in the shallow water.

More info on Kevin Karlson Day — free and open to the public — is here.

Above, an NJMC naturalist closes one of the tidegates that helps regulate water levels in the Kingsland Impoundment, a.k.a. the Shorebird Pool, right outside the Environment Center.

Note: When the Marsh Discovery Trail opens this week, it will be open only part way. Because of extensive damage to one part of the trail, it is no longer a loop. You will have to turn around instead of walking all the way to the Transco Trail.