Daily Archives: October 25, 2010

Sunday’s Mill Creek Marsh Walk: The Full List

We had a great walk at Mill Creek Marsh, with 20 folks divided into two groups. All told, we had 40 species. The full list is below.

Two photographer/birders — Sandy Sorkin and Jeff Nicol — shared some images with us, which we are posting here, along with a link to Sandy's Picasa Web page here, which has some shots of a Saltmarsh Sharp-tailed Sparrow that Sandy photographed at Mill Creek on sunday morning.

Thanks to all who participated, with a special thanks to Sandy (for the partial group shot and Osprey shot) and Jeff (for the Green-winged Teal and Gadwall shots). The event was sponsored by the Meadowlands Commission and the Bergen County Audubon Society.

Full list follows.


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Still More on IDing Coops and Sharpies

The Cape May Bird Observatory has an outstanding blog, with great pics and info. That info includes 16 ways to tell a Sharp-shinned Hawk from a Cooper's Hawk,

This info was featured in a post earlier this month. To read it, click here.

To see the blog itself, View From the Cape, click here.

(A big thank you to Don Freiday of CMBO for the information, and a thank you, too, to Edna Duffy and Julie McCall for passing along the link.)