Daily Archives: October 15, 2010

Corn-like Milk Snake (or vice-versa) by Bird Banding Station

(Reposted) Erica Mueller recently photographed a (non-poisonous) snake by the bird-banding station at the closed Erie landfill.

We know that some people don't like to view photos of snakes, so you'll have to continue reading to see a couple of photos and use a link to learn more about two types of snakes that this snake has been ID'd as — Corn or Milk. You decide! (Thanks, Erica!)

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Shorebird Pool Open to Tides Again

As of late Thursday, the tide gates for the Shorebird Pool (aka the Kingsland Impoundment, the first body of water on your left as you enter DeKorte) are open, exposing this tidal impoundment to the ebb and flow the tides. At low tide, this means mud flats. We have had yellowlegs here this week.

As a rule of thumb, tides are roughly 1-2 hours later than the tides at the Amtrak RR Bridge on the Hackensack River. You can click here to get those tides. For example, low tide on Saturday in the Shorebird Pool should be a bit after noon.

Note, tides are affected by all sorts of factors, including rain, wind and Moon. In other words, water depth at low tide can vary drastically.

A lengthy but riveting explanation of how to predict tide follows.

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