Bird Report 111210: DeKorte

A quick walk along the Marsh Discovery Trail this afteroon yielded a Great Blue Heron, a Great Egret, A Redtail, a Northern Harrier, 40+ Ruddies, 8 Bufflehead, a Black Duck, several Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs, and a Northern Flicker.

2 thoughts on “Bird Report 111210: DeKorte

  1. Fred

    Wow you guys and girls had a great day for viewing waterfowl. Lots of Ruddys ducks , was curious where they were spoted in large numbers, many years ago Saw Mill Creek they were steady 20 to 50 at all times, We always back in the late 1970’s consindered them that there home , as the decades past they were hard to spot when there viewing birds , missed them , glad to hear if there back in Lynhurst meadows some wheres at least.

  2. Fred

    While I was unable to attend todays walk bird today be health reason or something else came up. But I hope you keep bird walks scheduled for each weekend . and I will try to make them, But more inportalty is your reports od what the folds that did attend saw. I am thankfull for the email blog reports and pictures . Makes my day Thank you all.


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