Fall 2010 Bird-Banding Report

  NJMC Naturalist Mike Newhouse and his group of volunteer bird-banders have finished their work for the fall season, weighing and measuring a total of 3,169 birds and 77 species.

The most frequently banded bird? The Song Sparrow, at 484. In second was the Yellow-rumped Warbler.

The South Bergenite has a column on the bird banding by the NJMC's Jim Wright. We will post on Thursday.

For Fall 2009 totals, click here.

For Fall 2008 totals, click here.

Full list of banded birds for Fall 2009 follows.

NJMC Bird Banding Totals
Autumn 2010
Erie Landfill and Environs

Acadian Flycatcher-1

American Goldfinch-336

American Kestrel-4

American Redstart-10

American Robin-21

American Tree Sparrow-2

Baltimore Oriole-1

Black and White Warbler-3

Black-capped Chickadee-46

Black-throated Blue Warbler-4

Black-throated Green Warbler-3

Blue-headed Vireo-4

Blue Grosbeak-3

Blue Jay-2

Blackpoll Warbler-28

Brown Creeper-5

Brown Thrasher-1

Canada Warbler-1

Carolina Wren-1

Cedar Waxwing-5

Chestnut-sided Warbler-1

Chipping Sparrow-7

Clay-colored Sparrow-2

Common Yellowthroat-52

Connecticut Warbler-6

Dark-eyed Junco-89

Downy Woodpecker-8

Eastern Phoebe-15

Eastern Towhee-1

Field Sparrow-29

Fox Sparrow-2

Great Crested Flycatcher-1

Golden-crowned Kinglet-25                           

Grasshopper Sparrow-1                       

Gray Catbird-68                        

Hermit Thrush-16                      

House Finch-3                           

House Wren-1                           

Indigo Bunting-15                       

Least Flycatcher-8                     

Lincoln's Sparrow-21                            

Magnolia Warbler-7                    

Mourning Dove-2                       

Nashville Warbler-3                   

Yellow-rumped Warbler-465

Northern Cardinal-8                   

Northern Flicker-2                     

Northern Mockingbird-32                     

Northern Parula-2                      

Northern Waterthrush-22


Palm Warbler-227

Pine Siskin-10

Praire Warbler-3

Purple Finch-3

Red-eyed Vireo-3

Red-winged Blackbird-5

Ruby-crowned Kinglet-68

Savannah Sparrow-420

Scarlet Tanager-1

Sharp-shinned Hawk-2

Song Sparrow-484

Swamp Sparrow-220

Swainson's Thrush-2

Traill's Flycatcher-37


Vesper Sparrow-6

Warblering Vireo-2

White-crowned Sparrow-90

White-eyed Vireo-1

White-throated Sparrow-130

Wilson's Warbler-1

Winter Wren-2

Yellow-bellied Flycatcher-2

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker-1

Yellow-breasted Chat-2

Yellow-rumped Warbler-465

Yellow Warbler-23


Total Species-77

Total Individuals-3169

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