Male Bufflehead, Kearny Marsh

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Ron Shields took this photo of a male Bufflehead last week at Kearny Marsh. He was hanging with two females and some Ruddies.

Ron says: "It's the first time this fall that I've seen them in the Kearny Marsh.  Could they possibly be the same ducks from DeKorte?" (Thanks, Ron!)

One thought on “Male Bufflehead, Kearny Marsh

  1. Fred Rupp

    Nice picture of Bufflehead duck male, I did not think diver duck like Buffleheads would be in kearny mark, Being they are deep water diving ducks would prefer Dekote park large deep water creeks off my saw mill creek and or the Hackensack river. But perhaps they found some good eating food in this shadow water Kearny marsh. I remember many years back the Kearny Marsh was like a small Brigtine wildlife refuge . Un real amount of various Ducks, mallards, Wood ducks!, That was big surprize, and green wing teal. sholvlers, Blue wing teal, gadwallas,pintails,Ruddys Balpates, Black ducks, Hooded mergansers,Brant.Canadas, And big varity of marsh birds ,Bitterns, Nightcrown black crown herons. Purpuls Galanoes, And a varity of Fish . I hope the Kearny Marsh is a protected Marsh and there is no hunting there. In the mean time Thank you Ron for taking the nice action take off off this duck.


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