American Wigeon Near DeKorte, plus neat Cardinal shot

SS3_2084 American Wigeon
Sandy reports seeing an American Wigeon "in a pond off of the road leading into DeKorte Parl.  It seems to me that it is fairly late to see an American Wigeon.  He was with an American Coot and about 30 Green-winged Teal." (Something to keep an eye out for on Sunday.)

Sandy also sent along a shot of a Northern Cardinal inside the park. It was a nice reminder of how striking this common bird can be. (Thanks, Sandy.)

Cardinal photo follows.

SS3_2020 Cardinal

One thought on “American Wigeon Near DeKorte, plus neat Cardinal shot

  1. Fred

    wow, American Wigeon. just when I thought things not get much better with sitings of large flocks Male Green Winged Teal. Now America Wigeon . Last time I saw males in lybhurst was decades ago. Nice Picture Sandy, thanks for the view.


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