Long-Tailed Duck at DeKorte

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Ron Shields took this photo of a likely immature Long-tailed Duck at DeKorte on Saturday. We saw it again on the Christmas Bird Count on Sunday.

It was rafting with Canvasbacks near the shore in the Saw Mill mud flats by the Transco Trail this morning, and was near a Ruddy not far from the Canvasbacks near the entrance to the Lyndhurst Nature Reserve.  (Thanks, Ron!)

A Common Goldeneye is also still present, in Teal Pool out by the (closed) Saw Mill Creek Trail.

More on Long-tailed Ducks here.



One thought on “Long-Tailed Duck at DeKorte

  1. Mike G.

    Several of us saw this diving duck along the Transo Trail on Saturday, also in a crowd of Canvasbacks. There was much discussion over what type of duck it was.


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