Daily Archives: February 19, 2011

Bald Eagle at DeKorte (again)!

Bald Eagle-1 We had two reports of a Bald Eagle by DeKorte this morning, out toward the Turnpike.

Angelo Urato writes: "It was swooping down with its talons open, ready to grab breakfast."

We now have seen at least one Bald Eagle by DeKorte four of the past seven days. But did we get one on our walk last Sunday… Nope.

Dave Rotondi managed to get a photo this a.m. (Thanks, Dave and Angelo, our eagle-eyed spotters!)

More DeKorte Ducks 021811: Wood Duck!

IMG_4950 Had a few more duck species yesterday afternoon at DeKorte, including a seldom seen Wood Duck (drake).

Also has Northern Pintail, distant) Northern Shoveler and Green-winged Teal, to bring today's total number of duck species to 12.

Other highlights from DeKorte today included (distant) Bald Eagle and — on Disposal Road — Turkey Vulture, Sharpie and three male Pheasants in flight (to go with the Red-tails and Northern Harriers. Did not see the Rough-leg today. One was seen Thursday.