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Mill Creek 021511: Eurasian Teal, Bald Eagle, Gray Ghost


We had an extremely cold Third-IMG_4620Tuesday Walk at Mill Creek Marsh this morning — 7 hearty souls and 15 species. (Thanks to all who participated!)

Highlights included the elusive Eurasian Green-winged Teal (right) and a Bald Eagle (below).

We had looked for the Eurasian (or Common Teal) on several occasions this winter without success.

Sorry for posting Bald Eagle photos two days in a row. Those darned big birds keep getting in the way of the other stuff.

The free walk was sponsored by the New Jersey Meadowlands Commmission and the Bergen County Audubon Society.

Full list follows.


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Tuesday Teaser 021511

 With the Kingsland Impoundment (Shorebird Pool) frozen solid last month, we took the Dekorte_9151opportunity to look under the Visitor Center at DeKorte Park to check out some of the housing units when they are not being used.

What kind of nest is this above?

Also saw the nest below, which was "taller" than the eight others but probably more of same… Your input most welcome.

Answer tomorrow.


Valentine Sunday Walk: The Full List

We had a bracing walk on Sunday, highlighted by a few good looks at Northern Harriers and a couple of Brown Creepers.

In all we had just over two dozen species on the walk, which featured Transco Trail and Disposal Road.

It wasn't terribly cold — just windier and colder than the weather folks had predicted. Anyone who went down to the Kearny Marsh after the walk was treated to views of the Common Moorhen. (Thanks, Mike G!)

Full list follows. (Thansk, Denise!)

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