Black Skimmer at DeKorte

We had fleeting looks at Black Skimmers on Sunday's free DeKorte walk, but Herb Houghton got better looks (and some nice pix) following the reception for his month-long photography show at the Flyway Gallery at the Meadowlands Environment Center.

Herb was nice enough to share a couple. (Thanks, Herb!)BS2_070211sm

One thought on “Black Skimmer at DeKorte

  1. Mike G.

    I saw a skimmer early last (Tuesday) evening, but it was not flying low over water as you might expect. Instead, it was flying down the center of the road, just as I exited the DeKorte main gate. I drove along with it until it veered left and out of sight after about 1/4 mile.
    It was the first time I’d seen a skimmer in sustained flight and not just making looping passes for fish.


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