Daily Archives: December 20, 2011

DeKorte Park: Hive of Construction

The North Pole's got nothing on DeKorte these days. While Santa and the elves are putting the finishing touches on holiday gifts, workers at DeKorte are building a solar carport (above), repairing the Transco Trail (below), and preparing to install a new boardwalk to complete the Marsh Discovery Trail repairs (bottom).

Please pardon all the construction!



Early CBC Totals: Down a Bit from 2010

Mike Britt, coordinator for the Christmas Bird Count for most of the Meadowlands, reports:

"One team's list is still outstanding but the cumulative total is looking to be 10-15 species below last year's total of 95…five best birds being American Bittern, Common Moorhen, 2 Lesser Yellowlegs, Common Yellowthroat, & Yellow-breasted Chat.

"I think the reason for the lousy total is…the late October snow storm drove out most half-hardies and essentially ended fall migration, coupled with the fact that the winter has been quite mild thus far and some wintering species have yet to arrive."

"I'll send a more comprehensive report when I get that list…" (Thanks, Mike!)

2011 in Review: April

The year 2011 marked the dedication of a new riverside park in Carlstadt, lots of great nature sightings, and the continued partnership with Bergen County Audubon Society.

We thought we'd celebrate by looking back at 2011, month by month.

Here are some highlights from April:

April 1: Really Unusual Blackbird

April 4: Wilson's Snipe!

April 21: Of Ospreys and Earth Day

April 28: Red-necked Phalarope at DeKorte

April 30: Virginia Rail at DeKorte