Storm Damage — Slide Show and Record Article

To show folks some of the damage that Meadowlands parks and natural areas sustained from Hurricane Sandy, the Meadowlands Commission has put together this quick video. (This is the video shown at Wednesday night's BCAS program in the Meadowlands Environment Center.)

In the instance of DeKorte Park, we also showed some photos of the park after 400 tons of debris — largely dead Phragmites stalks, known as wrack — were removed. After these photos were taken, similar progress has been made in Harrier Meadow.

Once the "heavy lifting" is done and a park is deemed safe enough, we will begin volunteer cleanups. Scroll down for more info on how to volunteer.

To read Michael Copley's article in The Record today about the extent of the damage, click here.

2 thoughts on “Storm Damage — Slide Show and Record Article

  1. Jim Wright

    Note that some of the photos are of DeKorte after the storm, but before and after hundreds of tons of phragmites were removed!


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