Banded Peregrine in Carlstadt

When we were in Carlstadt yesterday checking on an Osprey nest, we also saw hundreds and hundreds of peeps.

We thought, “This would be quite a buffet for a Peregrine Falcon.”

Moments later, two Peregrines arrived, one after the other, and promptly divebombed the peeps (unsuccessfully).

We took several shots, including one that showed a leg band clearly — 68-AY. We are now trying to find out more about this bird. A third Peregrine arrived and flew around for a while as well.¬† Two of the Peregrines, including the banded one and the one pictured above, looked like young birds.

We will let you know what we learn.

Incidentally, we had a banded Peregrine less than a half-mile away in late July 2011. More on that Peregrine (with  similar numbers) here and here.

Gallery of Peregrine shots from yesterday, including banding shots, follows. As you’ll see, some were photographed fairly far away and cropped.

(This gallery thing is new — let us know what you think….)

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