Another Day, Another Banded Peregrine

We were over at a marsh in Carlstadt late Tuesday afternoon and spotted IMG_6781-1 this young Peregrine perched on a utility pole.

It had a silver band on its right leg, and a black and green band on its left leg, reading "25 AW" — trying to get more info. 

Will post anything we learn.

5 thoughts on “Another Day, Another Banded Peregrine

  1. Mike G.

    There are plenty of database hits on the 25; too bad there’s nothing there at all about AW. I dropped a quick note to the Patuxent Wildlife Research Center to see if they could help.

  2. Barbara Loucks NYS DEC

    This bird, a male, is from a bridge nest on the northern tip of Manhattan, one of three young raised there this year. It was treated for frounce by a rehabber and released near its nest site on June 10, 2011. Good to know it is doing well! Thanks.

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