Butterfly & Moth Pix from Regina Geoghan

July 8_Clear-winged Hummingbird MothSM_3850Regina Geoghan writes:

“Two images from noontime Monday. A Black Swallowtail and a Clear-winged Hummingbird Moth (above) at Jill’s Garden.

“Wonderful to start to see the butterflies back.”

(Thanks, Regina!)

July 8_Butterfly-BlackSwallowtailSM_3829-1

2 thoughts on “Butterfly & Moth Pix from Regina Geoghan

  1. Paul Balogh

    I am seeing quite a “Hummingbird/Butterfly “moths in my gardens this year!!
    Very cool. Thought this would be a disaster year for my bees & butterflies but it has turned out very well. @ least 5 differant types of bee & bumblebees.
    I am in Bevery Hills Michigan. Outside of Detroit – not far enough outside…

    Thanks for your site!


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