Sunrise and Sunsets by Mike Maddaloni


Michael Maddaloni writes:

“Here are some new photos for you. Some are sunrises on Disposal & Valley Brook, and some are inside DeKorte. ” (Thanks, Mike!)


Really unusual panorama follows — tilt your laptop sideways!


4 thoughts on “Sunrise and Sunsets by Mike Maddaloni

  1. Ron Shields

    Mike…..great shots! The time, effort, skill and patience you put into your photography really shows.

  2. MikeM

    Hey guys!

    Thanks for the compliments as always and thanks to Jim for sharing them. It’s been a great month (July) in and around DeKorte, so I have tons more to show. I also branched out to Mill Creek Point and the Mill Creek Marsh Trail for sunrises recently; what a great set of locations all in the Meadowlands Commission domain! (Thanks to Ron for tipping me off to it).

    Anyway, stay tuned for more I have a backlog of images I have yet to process and share with Jim.



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