Look For Tagged Egrets!

IMG_9685-002Susan Elbin of NYS Audubon writes:

Birders are once again being asked to be on the lookout for wing-tagged
Great Egrets this summer-autumn. Great Egrets were tagged earlier this
month in Canada and in the New York Harbor.

In Canada, they were tagged at their nesting colony on Georgian Bay, Lake
Huron, near Collingwood, Ontario (100 km NW of Toronto). This year
flightless young birds were marked with light BLUE tags, one on each wing.
The tags are marked with two numbers and a letter, e.g. 28T.

In New York City, birds were tagged in Jamaica Bay with YELLOW tags with
either 2 numbers and a letter, or a letter and 2 numbers (black).

If you see such a tagged bird, please send us the details as to date, time,
location, color of the tag and the numerical-letter characters. In past
years, orange and green tags have also been used, so be watchful for these
colors as well. Some of the orange tags have faded to white…with black

Thank you for your observations!
Chip Weseloh – chip.weseloh@ec.gc.ca
Susan Elbin – selbin@nycaudubon.org

We had a Wing-tagged egret in the Meadowlands last summer. Link is here. Photo is above.

3 thoughts on “Look For Tagged Egrets!

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  2. Randy Coleman

    5:30 or 1730 a green tag number is35 p was in front our house two miles north of Pinconning mi, in Saginaw bay,lake Huron.. Was gone by 6

  3. Darlene Lodahl

    On Friday June12, 2015, I observed two Great Egrets each with green wing patches on both wings, off shore of Percy Johnson Park, Washington Island, Door County, Wisconsin. It appeared to not have a number or at least I was unable to read a number. I do have pictures, but they are rather grainy.


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