Be on the Lookout: Wing-Tagged Egrets!

On Tuesday morning, Chris Takacs saw a wing-tagged Great Egret at the Clay Avenue wetlands in Lyndhurst.

Susan Elbin of NYC Audubon, which runs the Harbor Herons wing-tagging program, writes …

"That's one of my babies (young of the year). It's either from Hoffman Island or from Jamaica Bay.

We need to know the numbers on the tag to be sure.

It would be FANTASTIC if birders in the Meadowlands would report any sightings to you (ideally with photos)!

Nellie Tsipoura of NJ Audubon and I are also trying to figure out where the egrets roost (at night)…especially as migration approaches.

Can birders in the Meadowlands help with that, too? If you know of any areas where Great Egrets congregate in large numbers during the evening….

Hoffman Island is a small artificial IMG_5113island off Staten Island, more than a dozen miles south of the Meadowlands. Photo of Hoffman is on right.

Contact Susan Elbin at selbin (at) if you see any wing-tagged or banded egrets — or know of roosting sites.

(Thanks, Chris and Susan!)

For a link to a post about banded egrets from Hoffman Island from two years ago, click here.

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