Daily Archives: July 30, 2012

DeKorte Today: Bank Swallows, N. Waterthrush, Terns

Northern Waterthrush
Chris Takacs reports: 

Took a few shots this morning at DeKorte Park — Bank Swallow Bank Swallows(below) from Gazebo and Northern Waterthrush (above)on the Marsh Discovery Trail.

Mike Newhouse of the Meadowlands Commission and I also observed 2 Caspian Terns from the Transco Trail. Birds were flying over the Saw Mill Creek flats. 1 adult, 1 juvenile calling and following the adult. Also  there today were 15+ Forster's Terns.

Also had Blue Grosbeak perched and singing from phone wires along Valley Brook Ave right at the Ball Fields entrance. Bird flew back towards the Snowy Owl field.

(Thanks, Chris!)

We will post some nifty weekend sightings from several folks (thanks, all!) as time allows.