Daily Archives: July 11, 2012

NY Times Article on the Meadowlands’ Beauty

Writer Dana Jennings has a nifty article today in The New York Times today about the Meadowlands.

Writes Jennings:  "Monet had his haystacks, Degas had his dancers, and I have the New Jersey Meadowlands from the window of my Midtown Direct train as I travel to and from Manhattan.

"…the Meadowlands never disappoints. Its shifting weave of light, color and texture hone and enchant the eye. The sure and subtle muscle of the Hackensack River is sometimes just a blue mirror, but when riled and roiled by wind and rain it becomes home to slate-gray runes. The scruff, scrub and brush are prickly and persistent, just like certain denizens of New Jersey."

The link is here.