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Don Torino’s Latest Column: Birding Alone

A walk alone reminds us why we love birding.
Photo courtesy of Jeff Nicol.

Don Torino, who leads a lot of our walks, also writes a weekly column for wildnewjersey.tv. His latest is on birding alone. Here’s a sample: :

It is usually by chance that I find myself alone with my binoculars pursuing a Peregrine Falcon through its aeronautical maneuvers over the Meadowlands or walking the woods listening for a Wood Thrush.

It happens as a blissful accident that I find a last minute free moment that allows me to venture out to a favorite birding spot. Sometimes it happens when a friend has a last minute change of plans that leaves me unaided to visit with the local birds.

Other times it may just be that I arrive early for an event, and discover a woodlot of Warblers contesting about high in the Oaks, that I begin my lone quest into nature for what may be just a short social call with my feathered friends.

As limited as my stay may be, something special seems to happen when I am silent and only the sounds of the winds through the leaves and the calls of the birds drift through the air; I begin to remember why I truly love the birds.

The link is here.

Pontoon Boat Trips: Today & Thursday@5 p.m.

Pontoon boat
If you are interested in joining Bergen County Audubon Society and the Meadowlands Commission for a two-hour “birding by boat” pontoon-boat cruise today or Thursday at 5 p,.m., contact us asap.  We have some seats available.

The boat ride along the Hackensack River and its marshes is two hours long and costs just a $15 donation. This is a beautiful time of year for a pontoon boat cruise on the river.

We’ll look for peregrine falcons, ospreys, northern harriers, various egrets and herons, plus diamondback terrapins.  Tour departs from the River Barge Park in Carlstadt. For pre-registration information or to rsvp, please contact Gaby Bennett-Meany at 201-460-4640 or Cathy Vonk at 201-460-4677.