9716651373_633347e87a_bMike Girone writes:

I was on Saw Mill Creek Trail late Saturday afternoon and observed a juvenile Peregrine wearing only a silver federal band (no color auxiliary band on this one).

I believe this brings the count up to 5 in the banded juvie Peregrine department! It had a huge (full) crop, and spent almost 2 and a half hours loafing on the tower.

When it flew off, it headed west along the trail and dove down, flushing an unbanded juvenile Peregrine!

The two chased each other up and down the trail and out over the tidal flats, with the unbanded falcon vocalizing angrily! The duo eventually split up near the Carillon on Disposal Rd, with the unbanded falcon claiming a set of towers. One of the pair later nailed a pigeon.

Link is here: .

Not recommended for folks who love pigeons  (which, unfortunately for the pigeons, are a link or two down on the food chain).  Thanks, Mike!


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