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Next Free Walk: Losen Slote Creek Park, Oct. 15

Our next free guided walk with Bergen County Audubon is Tuesday, Oct. 15, at 10 a.m. at Losen Slote Creek Park in Little Ferry — a great time of year to visit this little-known diamond in the rough. You gotta love those birches (above).

Don Torino of BCAS did some weed-whacking this morning to make the trails passable (thanks, Don!), but prepared to navigate some trails that can be occasionally challenging, including a few fallen trees.

Some photos from this morning follow — just to give you an idea how amazing this place is — and that’s not even the wooded part.

Full listing below.

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Tuesday Teaser-palooza 100813


Oh, no! Not another two-fer Tuesday Teaser!  (last one, we promise.)

Can you ID these two birds just from their tail feathers?

The above bird was photographed late last month at the NJMC’s banding station, thanks to the NJMC’s Mike Newhouse and his awesome band of bird banders. The bird below was photographed last week, same place, same great folks.

To give you an added incentive, we are offering a prize to the person who correctly identifies the most Tuesday Teasers in October and November. (In the case of a tie, the winner’s name will be drawn from a cap.)

The prize? Rick Wright of WINGS Birding Tours is graciously donating a copy of “The Warbler Guide” by Tom Stephenson and Scott Whittle. (Thanks, Rick!)

There will be nine total birds, some easy, some tough. Please e-mail your bird-ID to Jim Wright each Tuesday by midnight (just click” e-mail us” in the right-hand column of this blog). IDs received after midnight will not be counted. Also, the “comments” section of the Teaser will be closed so no one can post their answer.  (Just trying to be fair.)


Nelson’s Sparrow — the Photograph

ay Duffy — who found the Nelosn’s Sparrow at Mill Creek Marsh on Sunday morning, and was nce enough to show it to many folks on the Sunday guided walk also took a photo that not only “captured” the bird but captured what it is like to see this fairly secretive sparrow.

Ray writes: “I did get one shot of the bird, not totally in the clear, but at least some documentation.”

(Thanks, Ray!) More on Nelon’s Sparrows here.