Don Torino’s Latest Column: Losen Slote


Don Torino, who leads so many of our Meadowlands Commission/Bergen County Audubon Society nature walks, also writes a weekly column for His latest is on winter nature walks, and features Losen Slote Creek Park in Little Ferry.

Here’s a sample:

As I walked out the door I already felt content just to be outdoors on such a day. Nature can do that for us. Taking in the natural world is sometimes all we need to rejuvenate our spirit.

Even as some days seem not meant for man or beast as the saying goes, to not  make ourselves a part of it is far worse that getting a little wet or having cold toes.

Of course, that does not mean I am immune to the cold winds of the Meadowlands, which seem to blow in my face from November through March.

Not too many years ago I used to wonder why anyone would ever want to retire to places like Florida and miss out on these magnificent New Jersey Winters? But now as I find it more difficult to warm my fingers and search for warmer winter boots I can certainly sympathize.

And yet to miss a day like today just for a few warmer moments for me would be to lose myself. Besides some of the worst winter weather days turn out to be some of the best birding days.

The link is here.

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