Daily Archives: October 3, 2014

Look Out for Valley Brook Ave. Red-tail

bird 004NJMC staffer Irma Lepe-Lee called to report a big bird sitting in the middle of Valley Brook Avenue. It refused to fly — even as cars whizzed by.

Just as we arrived, the bird finally flew and landed on a telephone pole.

As you can see, the bird turned out to be a Red-tailed Hawk.

Best to be on the look out and drive prudently if you are going to DeKorte anytime soon.  (Thanks, Irma!)


Am. Woodcock at Our Banding Station


The NJMC’s Mike Newhouse and his awesome team of bird-banders banded an American Woodcock this morning.

This is one funky bird, and seldom seen up-close in broad daylight. (Just ask anyone who has been on one of the March woodcock walks we do with Bergen County Audubon Society.)

It had been seen hanging out on the top of a former landfill for a few days. Glad it finally decided to opt for the aluminum band.

The commission encourages all birds in the region to stop by the banding station to get a permanent ID, good in any state as well as internationally.

More on the American Woodcock here.