Jim Wright, the Deer, and the Coyote

coyote JW

Read about the March 9 close encounter here.

Also check out Jim O’Neill’s recent article for The Record on the upsurge in coyotes in the North Jersey suburbs. You can read it here.

One thought on “Jim Wright, the Deer, and the Coyote

  1. jean

    White Tail Deer are an enormous problem, all along the East coast.I recently saw a herd on my street, starving in the snow.Last month, I saw an adolescent deer race-up on one side of the room, while at same time, another adolescent deer ran over the outside table, where I used to sit.Deer come up to my window, but 5 feet away.Deer are a constant menace, on ‘the edge of the forest’, suburbia

    Just when an animal appears, that preys on deer, people seem against it.I welcome it.Coyotes eat meat, not little trees.There will be no ‘woods’ in the future, if we do not follow nature.


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