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Third Tuesday Walk at Harrier Meadow

roy harrier 1It could be muddy, so pull on your Wellies for this 2-hour nature walk hosted by the Bergen County Audubon Society and the NJMC this coming Tuesday, March 17th.

Because of construction activity on Disposal Road, please enter from Schuyler Avenue and take extra caution when driving and parking. Please consider car-pooling if possible. Meet at 10:00 in the area outside the Harrier gate. Do not block construction traffic.

Solving Environmental Problems with Landscape Design

Does this landscape feel familiar?

Does this landscape feel familiar?







“Thalie Park, in Burgundy, France, is surrounded by the natural areas of the Thalie Valley. It is also located… on a former landfill at the edge of the railway infrastructure, in a flood zone; this was certainly a major point of concern in the project that needed to be tackled by the design team.”
This is just the sort of thing the NJMC has been tackling for thirty years at DeKorte Park and elsewhere the Meadowlands District.

Thailie Park FranceRead an overview of the French project here.