Woodcocks at Laurel Hill

Woodcock 2I got this note today and figured I ought to share it:
“Just as a heads up, I heard American Woodcocks calling at Laurel Hill on Monday evening starting around 725pm.  There were several birds calling.  A good spot to hear them is the first lot on the left, across the road from the boat launch and next to the cricket pitch in the park.  The small wooded patch between the lot and the fenced in lot for Field Station Dinosaur is usually pretty reliable for at least one bird.  Since there is a number of street lamps there, you can sometimes see the woodcocks as they’re either going up or coming down from their display flights.  I’m not sure if the winds are going to keep them down for the next few days, but it’s usually pretty reliable to at least hear them calling.” – Ray Duffy

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