Daily Archives: April 12, 2016

Egret On the Hunt

Mickey Raine sent this awesome sequence of photos taken at DeKorte yesterday culminating in a Snowy Egret swallowing his afternoon snack. Mickey has a way with words and it’s always a pleasure to share the narratives he sends accompanying his photos. Mickey writes:

I was so glad to have gone to DeKorte Park in the Meadowlands yesterday (Monday April 11). Over the weekend, a couple of the early arriving Snowy Egrets offered a nice twilight hunt performance at Mill Creek Marsh, working their way in and around the ancient cedar stumps with such precision striking as they searched for their finned dinner. The late day tone in the sky added to the aura of the landscape, making it quite attractive to watch for some time.

It was approaching 3 pm at DeKorte yesterday when my peripheral vision caught rapid movement to the right, just where the first inlet, if you will, exists.  Sandwiched between the tall dense reeds, the elongated pool of water provides a wonderful spot for private fishing, and if the hunter possesses the superb skills and agility of the Snowy Egret, then visitors may very well be in for a spectacular demonstration of master hunting.

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