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Be Prepared for Tick Season


Just a friendly reminder as the weather gets warmer to take precautions to avoid ticks when you visit parks and trails.

Here are some tips:

  • Wear light colored clothing, long sleeves and pants, tuck pants into socks
  • Stay clear of wooded and brushy areas with high grass and leaf litter
  • Stay in the middle of trails
  • Check yourself thoroughly for ticks when you return home

For more information on how to protect yourself against ticks, click here

To learn how to protect your pets from ticks, click here




Earth Day Celebration at DeKorte Tomorrow!!

Osprey 2

Don’t forget to head to DeKorte tomorrow afternoon for our Earth Day Celebration: Return of the Raptors. The event runs from 1:30 to 3:30 pm and begins with a talk by Don Torino of the Bergen County Audubon Society in the Meadowlands Environment Center. Don will discuss how and why Eagles, Osprey and Peregrine Falcons have returned to our area, plus other raptors you  might see in your backyard. He will then lead a walk around DeKorte looking for these and other fabulous winged marvels.

The event is rain or shine. Information: greatauk4@gmail.com or 201-230-4983.

See you tomorrow!

Kudos to BCAS


Thanks are in order to the Bergen County Audubon Society for their generous grant donation of $5,000 that was used by the NJSEA to plant 500 woody shrubs and more than 1000 grass plugs this week in the Lyndhurst Nature Reserve. Great to see planting activity as we come upon Earth Day!

The plants include Winterberry Holly, Virginia Sweetspire, Black Chokeberry, Red Chokeberry and Switchgrass.

The grant is one of two the BCAS awarded to the NJSEA last year. An additional grant of $745 was used to establish wildlflower meadows at DeKorte Park and River Barge Park.

Thank you again BCAS!!


Don Torino’s Life in the Meadowlands: The New Jersey Meadowlands Exemplifies the True Meaning of Earth Day

I can remember the very first Earth Day in 1970. When I tell that to students I work with they can’t believe there is someone actually that old. But yes, I do remember the first Earth Day very well.  What I remember most is how millions of Americans from all walks of life, regardless of political party, where they lived, how old they were,  how much money they made or didn’t make,  joined together, organized, and demanded a better environment for both people and wildlife.

I also remember very well the not so good old days when our Meadowlands was forgotten about and left for dead, when the worst possible things that could be done to poison, pollute and destroy  nature were performed daily on a massive scale to a place that I loved so much , my home,  the Meadowlands. But that very first Earth Day back in1970 signaled not only a new day for the environmental movement in the United States but also a new beginning and a second chance for the New Jersey Meadowlands

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