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Final Photos of February Part 3 of 3

We leave you today with the third and final installment of Mickey Raine’s final photos of February from DeKorte Park. By way of the proud mini-motorcylist, Mickey says,  “The metal Chopper Dude artwork with Old Glory in hand is something as a special tribute to a very, very dear friend.”   Thanks for a great day of photos, Mickey!

Ring-billed Gull

Ruddy Duck

Ruddy Ducks

Northern Pintails

Final February Photos Part 2 of 3

Green-Winged Teal MCM

As promised, here’s the second of three batches of great photos that Mickey Raine took in the last days of February at Mill Creek Marsh and DeKorte. Looking forward to equally awesome photos from Mickey and everyone this month!

Green-winged Teal MCM

Ring-billed Gulls MCM

Hooded Merganser MCM

Hooded Merganser MCM

Black-capped Chickadee MCM

Northern Mockingbird MCM

NYC Skyline from DeKorte Park

Sunset DeKorte Park

Sunset DeKorte Park

Final February Photos

Mickey Raine sent in three sets of amazing photos from Mill Creek Marsh and DeKorte Park taken in the last weeks of February. That’s perfect for us. We’ll start the day with this batch, post more in the noon hour and then finish the day with the final series. These Ring-billed Gulls, Killdeer and Mummichogs were alll photographed at Mill Creek.

Mickey says it best himself:

One awaits the start of March with some anticipation and doubts as to whether the early spring like weather will dominate the calendar or a final reminder from Mother Nature that winter is not over, yet, dropping a ton of snow to let us know who is in control.  But, to tell the truth, as long as it is not the sort that causes hardship to anyone, it can be a lot of fun when embracing the beauty and the wildlife that accentuates the landscape under such conditions.