Daily Archives: April 12, 2018

NJSEA Lends Helping Hand To Tree Swallows

NJSEA Naturalists Gaby Bennett-Meany, Drew McQuade and Alashanee Mooney were out in the DeKorte impoundments this performing maintenance on more than 50 Tree Swallow Nesting Boxes. The trio cleaned out the boxes and fortified them, helping the hundreds of Swallows that flock to them each spring. The Tree Swallows send their thanks to Gaby, Drew and Alashanee!

Don Torino’s Life in the Meadowlands: Not Just a Red-winged Blackbird

I often am reminded of this story when spring arrives in the Meadowlands, so my apologies if you have heard this story before. But since I am a senior citizen I get to tell it as much as I want.

Many years ago I was on a bird walk with a group of people from a local nature group when suddenly a striking black bird with brilliant red markings shot by us like a Ferrari with wings. The leader barely looked up until someone asked “What was that?”

“Oh that?” the leader answered back flippantly. “Just a Red-winged Blackbird.” Just a Red-winged Blackbird? How could someone speak so off handedly about such a magnificent bird that has meant so much to me?

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