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Arriving Now in the Meadowlands!

Marsh Wren

Thanks to Chris Takacs, Field Trip Chairman of the Bergen County Audubon Society, for the following update on what birds are taking up residence in the Meadowlands, and the accompanying great photos!

From Chris Takacs: This is the time when the waterfowl move north to breed and shorebirds move in to the Meadowlands to refuel on their way north. Yelllowlegs are now seen everyday and expect Least Sandpipers and Spotted Sandpipers to arrive.

Common Yellowthroat

Savannah Sparrows have arrived and expect to see Field Sparrows and Towhees too. Palm and Yellow-rumped Warblers have been seen for two weeks, but now is the time to look for our breeding warblers, Common Yellowthroats and Yellow Warblers. Migrant warblers will begin to move through the Meadowlands. Look for Black and White, Prairie, American Redstart, Black-throated Blue and Northern Parula. Marsh Wrens, the tiny ones in the phragmites, are starting to arrive too.

Clapper Rail

Orchard Oriole

Fortster’s Terns have arrived and the time is now to watch their courtship rituals of sharing fish. Least Terns are due to arrive soon too. Check DeKorte Park for American Coot, Clapper Rail and Common Gallinule as these local scarce breeders begin to arrive. Orchard and Baltimore Orioles, nesters in DeKorte Park, should arrive this week too. It’s an exciting time in migration as the weather warms and the birds arrive.

Don Torino’s Life in the Meadowlands: Thank You Notes to the Birds

My Fourth grade teacher Ms. Henderson at Jackson Avenue School in Hackensack was the first to tell me of the wonders of the bird world. I was privileged enough to learn about Baltimore Orioles, Robins and Cardinals right from my classroom window.

Ms. Henderson gave me a lifelong love and fascination of nature and our birds that I have cherished for a lifetime. Today one of my joys in life is having the honor of visiting local schools and giving back to the students what Ms. Henderson gave so unselfishly to me many years ago: the love of birds.

For years Bergen County Audubon Society has partnered with the Saddle Brook Middle School helping Mrs. Dunlap and all the wonderful teachers and students with their Schoolyard Wildlife habitat and the Great Backyard Bird Count.

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