BIRDING: New check-list, and it’s free

      The New Jersey Meadowlands Commission is proud to release the new “Birds of the Meadowlands” brochure, including a comprehensive check-list.

Bird_check_list_cover    The Meadowlands District is a unique place for bird-watching, as well as exploring and discovering nature. 

   This free color pamphlet, updated for the first time in nearly a decade, will help enhance bird-watching for birders of all levels.

    The brochure provides a check-list of more than 250 species found in the Meadowlands District and photographs of many of the most abundant birds.  It also lists the seasons when each species is most likely to be seen.

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   The check-list divides birds into distinct categories, including the various species of waterfowl, shorebirds, birds of prey, rails, herons, gulls, woodpeckers and warblers.   
   The 30-square-mile Meadowlands District includes the Hackensack River as well as diverse habitats of salt- and fresh-water wetlands and uplands, which attract many species of birds and other wildlife.

    The “Birds of the Meadowlands” brochure is the third in a series of guides, which also includes the Hackensack River Guide and the Mill Creek Canoe Guide. 

    Complementing this series is the NJMC’s “Birding and Wildlife Trails: Meadowlands and More” guidebook, first offered in 2006. To date, the NJMC has distributed nearly 43,000 English- and Spanish-language copies of the free color guide to locations as far away as Singapore and Tel Aviv.

   To request copies of the "Birds of the Meadowlands" Brochure or other eco-tourism materials, contact the NJMC at (201) 460-4694 or

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