Img_9681 Starting next Monday (Sept.8), the William D. McDowell Observatory in DeKorte Park, Lyndhurst, is opening it state-of-the art telescope to the public every Monday and Wednesday evening, weather permitting.
   The viewings are free.
   The observatory will be open for two hours each night, with 8 and 9 p.m. viewing sessions.

  The observatory houses a research-grade, optical telescope with a 20-inch mirror within a six-meter retractable dome.

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     Special filters minimize light pollution for optimum viewing. The powerful telescope is capable of viewing objects millions of light years away.

The telescope also includes specialized cameras that can record an array of celestial objects from planets to galaxies.Img_5837

Additional instruments can measure the brightness of stars, study their changes over time, and analyze the light emitted by planets, stars and other celestial objects to determine their chemical composition and other physical characteristics.

Each evening two major objects in the night sky will be viewed, plus one or two other celestial objects or events depending on the observing conditions.

Note: In order to access the observatory telescope, a visitor must be able to climb 25 steps (9 steps, a landing, 16 steps) in a spiral formation.
   The stairs have a railing on either side, with the railings approximately 2 feet apart.

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