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  Img_9681 Starting next Monday (Sept.8), the William D. McDowell Observatory in DeKorte Park, Lyndhurst, is opening it state-of-the art telescope to the public every Monday and Wednesday evening, weather permitting.
   The viewings are free.
   The observatory will be open for two hours each night, with 8 and 9 p.m. viewing sessions.

  The observatory houses a research-grade, optical telescope with a 20-inch mirror within a six-meter retractable dome.

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ENVIRONMENT CENTER: Space Camp (video)


   This week the Meadowlands Environment Center is holding a space camp for students entering the seventh grade.
   Tuesday’s session was about the sun, stars and planets, and students went outside to learn about the sun in whole new ways (see 1:45-minute video). Boy_at_scope_9688_2
   MEC’s Laura Venner talked to the 15 students abot the sun and SOHO, an international project involving NASA and other space agencies to study the sun.
  The space camp, one of a half-dozen offered by MEC, a partnership between NJMC and  Ramapo College, is designed to meet the New Jersey State Core Curriculum Content Standards.
   All MEC camps are held at the new Center for Environmental and Scientific Education (below), a “green” building that incorporates sustainable materials and alternative energy, in DeKorte Park in Lyndhurst.


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